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NIR Air Conditioning and Heating was founded by Nick Lopez, with his honest and hard-working ethic grounded in his past experiences as a young boy. He worked in his grandparents’ restaurant on the weekends starting at ten years old, cleaning tables and assisting patrons.

Through hard work, he became his father’s apprentice at 14 and went on to take college courses at Associated Tech College in San Bernardino to learn the technical side of plumbing (plumbing codes, repairs, and sizing systems). As a result, he quickly worked his way up and was soon a foreman with three employees under his direction.

These younger years were the foundation of his knowledge, work ethic, and professionalism that he puts into his business, his employees, and his clients.

NIR Air Conditioning and Heating is open seven days a week and most holidays, at no extra cost, because we appreciate our customers, with significant discounts of 25% to 40% off labor during slow seasons. Charity is important, and we work for some of our senior citizens and also offer payment plans with no interest to our seniors.

Priding ourselves as expert troubleshooters and have many references, as a result, we receive most of our customers through referrals. A family owned and operated business that started with a boy working for his grandparents’ restaurant has become a driven plumbing business that faithfully services the local communities.


“I believe first in honesty. This means executing a repair without taking shortcuts. Whether it’s a common industry practice, it’s dishonest. Because I value truth, my company advises and corrects problems in a way that saves the customer money.”

We proudly serve Corona, Riverside, Moreno Valley, Chino, San Bernardino, Loma Linda, Jurupa Valley, Colton, Yucaipa, Redlands, and surrounding areas.

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Properly Insulation

Make sure your home or commercial building is properly insulated. Cold or warm air can leak in through windows and doors, causing your heating and cooling system to be less efficient and can be taxing on the HVAC system.
Add caulking and weatherstripping where needed. –

Regular Filter Check

– Check and replace your air filter regularly.

Say No To Fluctuating Temperatures

– Use a programmable thermostat to reduce fluctuating temperatures

Proper Ductwork

Be sure your ductwork is properly sealed to prevent cooling or heating air loss. –

Keep That Draft Out!

Cover drafty windows with heavy duty drapes.

Use The Weather

Take advantage of the local weather.
Open the windows and doors to allow for some natural ventilation and cooler weather.

Natural Heating

Take advantage of natural heating from the sun.
– Open those curtains and let in the sunshine.

Heating System Maintenance

Maintain your heating system with regular inspection and replacement of filters.

Heat Loss

Keep in mind that fireplaces can be a major cause of heat loss through cracks.